Healthy Teeth

Put Some “Teeth” Into Your Resolutions It’s that time again—the beginning of the New Year when resolutions are in full swing. We’d like to wish our patients a healthy and happy New Year and give you a few dental-inspired resolutions to consider in 2020. Commit to flossing. Brushing twice each day isn’t enough to keep plaque under control by itself. If you aren’t a consistent flosser—the New Year is the perfect time to form a new habit. Become a nonsmoker. Did you know that smoking increases your risk of developing gum disease? Plus it raises your risk of countless other … Continue reading


Will Sweets Sour Your Smile? While we know it’s nearly impossible to stay completely away from those oh-so-tasty treats around the holidays, do your best to protect your smile by limiting your intake. You should also be cautious about biting into hard candies like peanut brittle or candy canes so as to not chip a tooth or two. Common candy offenders that can leave our teeth coated in sugar long after you’ve enjoyed them include chocolate covered pretzels, pies, marshmallow and caramel-based sweets and cookies. Remember to brush your teeth frequently this holiday season. If you don’t have a toothbrush … Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

How to Take Care of Your Dentures For a lot of people, dentures are a part of everyday life. But when it comes to maintaining your dentures, there are a few steps you should take to look after them for years to come. Whether you have been wearing dentures for a while or are just learning how to care for your new teeth, here are a few helpful tips to keep them as good as new. 1. Brush your dentures daily. This is necessary to help remove food and plaque. If you regularly use denture adhesive, you’ll want to clean … Continue reading

Four Secrets of a Healthy Smile

Four Secrets of a Healthy Smile Have you ever wondered how someone with a beautiful smile keeps it gleaming? Or maybe you want a healthier smile and aren’t sure where to start? If you’ve ever found yourself a victim of smile envy, consider these four points to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 1. A bright white smile isn’t always healthy. In fact, there is such a thing as over bleaching which can lead to oral health problems. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, it’s important to learn about your options and the best treatment for you. … Continue reading


Do Breath Mints Work? While we hope it doesn’t happen often, we know that from time to time you may forget to brush your teeth. But if that happens, will a breath mint have your back? Yes—but. While mints do freshen your breath, they don’t clean your teeth. Instead, the sugar in many mints actually feeds the oral bacteria responsible for bad breath! Before you purchase your next pack of breath mints or pop one into your mouth after dinner, take a look at the ingredients. Make sure you’re selecting a mint that’s low in sugar. Breath strips, a thin … Continue reading


Common Causes of Teeth Yellowing If yellow teeth have you covering your mouth, there are some things you can do to spruce up your smile. It’s important to understand what causes the yellowing of teeth. When tooth enamel wears down, dentin, the yellowish layer underneath the tooth, starts to show. The foods and beverages we consume can make teeth look dull also. Top offenders include coffee, black tea, cola, sports drinks, red and white wine, hard candies, and bright-col[o]red fruits and vegetables. After consuming any of these, it’s a good idea to drink water to help wash away the resulting … Continue reading


Water: Good for You and Your Teeth We all know water is great for our bodies—but do you know how important water is for your teeth? Take a look at these three fascinating ways that water benefits our pearly whites. 1. It washes away debris. Why does this matter? Some drinks aren’t just high in acid—they’re high in sugar also, both which can leave its mark on your teeth. Not only is water refreshing, it helps to wash away the residue left behind after sipping something sweet. 2. It keeps your teeth strong. How? Most municipal water contains fluoride, which … Continue reading


Don’t Chew That! Do you find yourself gnawing on a pencil when you’re deep in thought? Do you like chomping on ice cubes to keep your mouth cool? While these everyday nervous habits aren’t likely to cause major health problems, they can result in chipped or cracked teeth and inconvenient dental repairs. If you feel compelled to pop a pencil in your mouth or create crushed ice instead of letting your refrigerator do the work, consider softer-on-the-teeth alternatives. Such as chewing sugar-free gum. Doing so increases saliva production, tames the acids in your mouth and strengthens enamel. Apples, carrots, cucumbers … Continue reading


Sneaky Sugar It lurks in bread, tomato sauce, salad dressings, pasta sauces and a multitude of other foods. It’s sugar and it’s sneaky! If you’re trying to cut more of this nutritionally vacant substance out of your diet, you need to know some of its many aliases. If you’re not an avid label reader, it’s a good idea to become one. Then you’ll understand if sugar is impersonating another ingredient, including high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltodextrin and many others. In addition to reading the ingredients on a food label, it’s also important to see how many … Continue reading