How Would You Grade Your Oral Health?

Most of us haven’t received a letter grade since leaving school years ago—but sometimes it’s helpful to know how you stack up. If your oral health habits were a school subject, would you be passing? A+: You brush for two minutes twice a day and after a sugary meal. You remember to floss every night and keep your regular cleanings. Great work! B: You brush for two minutes twice a day but can’t seem to remember to floss. When you do, your gums bleed—uh-oh! C: You brush your teeth in the morning but are sometimes too tired to complete a nightly routine. You also missed your last cleaning appointment. Cavities could be in your future! Fail: You haven’t scheduled your next practice visit and you don’t always brush or floss every day. Serious oral health problems may come your way. Need to raise your grade? Contact us to book your next cleaning.

Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

We want to be your guide for all things oral health, and if you’re curious about what you can do to enhance your smile, we’re happy to help. Many patients often wonder if teeth whitening is right for them—here are a few quick ways to figure out if you’re a great candidate. • You’re looking to improve how you feel about your smile. Brighter, whiter teeth will allow you to smile big in photos and help you feel more confident. • You’ve tried over the counter products to no avail. In-house or take-home whitening products offered by a dentist are going to work better than products purchased at a supermarket. • You’d like an expert opinion. At our practice, we’ll guide you through the best whitening options for your smile so you won’t have to worry about opting for an unsafe treatment.

Tobacco and Your Teeth

It’s fair to say that nearly everyone understands the negative impact of cigarettes on your overall health. But how much do you know about the effects of tobacco products on your teeth? Consider these facts the next time you reach for a cigarette or cigar. 1. Your gums may recede. Using tobacco can cause gums to pull away from the teeth, exposing your roots and leaving them susceptible to decay. 2. Tobacco products have been linked to oral cancer. Signs may include tenderness, burning or a sore that won’t heal completely as well as mouth numbness or difficulty moving the jaw properly. 3. It can cause serious bad breath. Tar, nicotine and other harmful ingredients will remain in your mouth long after you’ve smoked a cigarette or cigar. If you use tobacco regularly, consider kicking the habit by joining a support group or speaking with a doctor about your options.